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Cash For Gold

Our goal is to educate you about the price of gold so that you understand what your precious jewelry and coins are really worth. Below we have outlined some of the basic things you should know about gold selling. 

To determine the karat of gold, we will  usually look for a stamp that’s tiny and hidden somewhere on the piece of jewelry.  Then we use an acid test to determine if the stamp matches the karat of the actual gold, telling us what percentage of the piece is actually gold. The most obvious piece that influences  how valuable your piece of jewelry is is the weight, measured in grams.  Our prices that we pay per gram of gold change daily based on gold rates and are different for each purity grade of  gold. 


  • 10k gold = 41.7% gold
  • 14k gold = 58.5% gold
  • 18k gold = 75.0% gold
  • 21k gold = 87.5% gold
  • 24k gold = 99.9% gold

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